Take Action Now - Join our Petition to Tell SchoolFood They Must Purchase rBGH-free Milk

Eric Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer
44-36 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY 11101

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

As parents, we ask that NYC SchoolFood serve our children milk that is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH).

Most industrialized countries, from Japan to the EU, have banned rBGH. Even retailers like Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Dannon have turned away from rBGH milk. We do not want our public school system to continue to be the dumping grounds for rBGH milk.

While the growth hormone known as rBGH forces cows to produce more milk, it often causes them to develop painful udder infections for which they must be treated with antibiotics. We are concerned about the growth hormone affecting the developing bodies of our young children and the antibiotics being passed into the milk, leading to drug-resistant bacteria.

While the FDA claims there is no significant difference between milk from treated and untreated cows, the agency's research has been limited and its results conflicted.

We as parents, and the NYC Department of Education, to whom we entrust our children, are responsible for making the safest choices for our kids. The safe choice is to ban the use of artificial growth-hormones in the milk our children drink in school.

Please join other concerned parents and sign our petition below. Note that the information you supply will be used for the sole purpose of this petition and not shared or used for any other purpose.

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For more information on why you should say no to artificial growth hormones in NYC public school milk and the potential risks of rBGH, click here.

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Thank you for visiting our Web site. We are a group of New York City public school parents concerned with food and health issues in our city's schools. Our first effort is to convince the Office of School Foods to ban milk that contains artificial growth hormones. We encourage other parents to join us in our efforts to improve the quality of food and reduce waste in our schools. If you wish to learn about our upcoming meetings and future endeavors, please click here to leave your name and e-mail.